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I’ve always been protective of people around me. I could sense emotions. I could sense danger. And I really wanted to save people I love from all things bad. Especially after I lost my grandmother, I did not want to lose anybody I love ever again.

Or to see them in pain. So I took it upon me to make everything right. And since I displayed rather floridly that I was there to protect, eventually everyone did start looking at me like somebody who could really do that irrespective of my age or sensibility.

A long time ago my cousin was learning how to drive. One day when the adults weren’t home , she decided to practice without the presence of her dad.
Obviously I tagged along, and sat in the rear seat.
Despite my prior warning we set off and decided that she would take the car to the end of the road and comeback. The total journey would have been 400 meters.
I don’t remember the exact speed but i do recall that the bicycles passing by were faster.

Anyways when we reached the intersection of the road, a motorbike whizzed in front of us. I heard my cousin shout at it to get away but I believe the rider would have preferred the horn.
The car nudged the tire of the motorbike & it fell over along with the riders.
My cousin panicked. She came to the rear seat to sit with me and started crying. My reminder about the importance of parental supervision didn’t help.
Then she made a strange request. She asked me to sit in the driving seat & to tell the rider that it was me who was driving if he comes to confront us.
Despite the fact that my legs couldn’t reach the breaks I confidently sat on the driver’s seat while the rider watched us quizzically & efficiently masked any signs of fear.
I had even thought of a plan to pay the hospital bills in case the person was injured. The plan was to break open my money box and take all the coins out. But it was a plan.

When the rider came towards the window. I said in a very composed fashion “Uncle I did it. I’m sorry.”
“You mean you were driving?” He suppressed
a grin
“Yes “
The man looked at me, looked at my cousin in the backseat, who was by now, crying & profusely apologizing.
He ended up comforting us instead.