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In first grade there was a boy who liked to be called Bobby.
I was sitting one day when he just came by & casually said:”You know when we grow up we’ll marry”
I was baffled, I had no clue what would be the “normal” response because I hadn’t seen or been a part of such a conversation before in real life. But I did have a reference point. I had come across something on TV in which the girl gets really offended when the boy talks about marriage, & slaps him.

So I figured it’s something to be angry about. I wasn’t feeling very angry. But I felt like I should. So I slapped Bobby but instead of being shocked and angirly walking away, like the boy in the movie he laughed. It made me anxious since I had no clue now that he twisted the scene, So I slapped him again, but with less strength & confidence.

He fell. I asked him if he would stop laughing now & was sorry for saying “bad words”. He replied in negative . So after one last half-hearted punch I said what children usually were most scared of, or at least I was. I used the mom card. I told him I’ll tell his mom he used bad words. Because his mom also happened to be a teacher at school. Bobby panicked & asked me not to. He said he’d not only apologise but also do anything I asked him to do

After some serious deliberation about what I wanted there was only one thing I could think of.
I hated the lunch break. I had to stand in a queue to get the lunch, and it was very crowded with people running, bumping into each other, and the taller ones always bypassing queues. Usually I was the last one remaining even if I had been one of the first few.
I told him I wouldn’t say a word, if he could get me my lunch every day. I was willing to give him extra money for the lunch as an incentive. He happily agreed. So, Bobby, got me my lunch for the entire year.

Until one day, when he said “If you want you can tell my mom I don’t care”.I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. After a while, he asked me, why hadn’t I gone to tell his mom? . I told him I didn’t even know who his mom was, which was the truth .
Then Bobby was angry.We never talked again.P.s If you come across this post Bobby, please know that I truly am sorry. I never meant to imply I am going to tell your mom- The teacher. I just assumed you were equally scared of your mom. I still don’t know which grade she taught or how she looked like. I am not sure if I am sorry for hitting you, but I am sorry for making you feel helpless. I would have never wanted that for anyone.