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I would not share the background story to what made me realize this, however I can confidently say that it was the turning point in my life. I ended up both losing & gaining so much that I am struggling to stick to a particular emotion. I probably lost a potentially meaningful platonic friendship which is a rarity in the practical phase of life, along with the literally heartbreaking disappointment that I was wrong in thinking for probably the first time in my life that someone

knew/understood me at least 1% of how my grandmother did. I lost faith in so many people as a community that I genuinely believed were amazing humans. I came very close to losing all hope in humanity itself, or the fact that people who are different can survive in this world without either changing themselves completely or shutting down. Almost lost myself in the process.

Despite that I sincerely believe I gained more. A deeper understanding into love, for God and humans. A state of peace I could only have achieved in my imagination, the courage to be myself & finally speak up for myself & others like me to challenge standards of normality.And an unshakable belief that all humans have a potential to be kind & good if you challenge their beliefs that being selfish is the only way to protect themselves or succeed in life.

What led to All this?

Believe it or not , 5 minutes , 4 sentences and 3 cups of Chai vs breakfast. Literally. That is the majestic power someone’s seemingly “harmless” words, little lies, & half truths can have when taken out of context, with or even without their knowledge.

P.S when in doubt ALWAYS choose CHAI. Without a question or suggestion. It is life changing business, seriously