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I switched school in grade 3. I made two friends for the first time, both boys, J & E who were different from the rest of the class. J harbored the love for random fact books & encyclopedias like I did, & liked dinosaurs as well. E always ended his name with three different fruits whenever asked which basically means he had 6 middle names.

However the best thing about the new school was its principal. Mam H was not only a very qualified educator with a great vision but she also put in a lot of time and effort into every student. When she met me for the first time I felt oddly safe around her, so she was the only person I told when I got injured, I didn’t want a different person touching me for providing first aid every time I fell or hurt myself because owing to my clumsiness I used to fall a lot. Mam H never sent me away & always took care of it if I only needed first-aid. For that I was really grateful because I did appreciate her sparing time from her busy schedule. I asked her one day if there was anything I could do for her she smiled & said “Just encourage & support everyone to behave well”

That day onwards I took it upon me to make her happy by dutifully ensuring discipline & mannerism, not just in my class but in the entire school.
I used to run down the stairs just to tell mam H that the new kid farted, or that someone picked their nose. I never waited for the response, for in my head I had successfully done the job.

Of course this didn’t make me very popular, I couldn’t understand why until one day when S hadn’t done his homework & then lied. I didn’t rat him out in the class as I didn’t want to get him in trouble but i did tell Mam H. She wasn’t happy though, & S was called in. When he came back to the class he was sad, so I stayed with him during P.E & explained my action. In response S told me he couldn’t do the homework because his mom wasn’t feeling well & he had to help his younger brother with a test which took all day.
That was the first time I realized that often there is no absolute good or evil. Good can be blanketed in a lie, or telling the truth unnecessarily can lead to something bad.
I wish the lesson would’ve stuck with me, like S’s words did.