test post of penseive

1 When I started school, thanks to my mom I already knew most of the stuff that was being taught so I had no trouble with regards to the academia. However it also meant I had to pretend to learn stuff I already knew so it was painfully boring. Initially I killed time by travelling with in the realms of my mind but there was one problem.

I was left handed with bad hand writing. I realized it was bad because the teachers constantly encouraged me to improve it by tracing letters in practice books.I used to think that maybe I could do better if I wrote with the right hand? After quite a while & a lot of attempts I realized I couldn’t, so then l just started seeing how peers with a reputation for good hand writing wrote and tried to copy.

For reasons I couldn’t understand then, I wasn’t really popular but I didn’t care, because I loved coming to school .I do remember the first time I felt humiliated in front of everyone, later I lost count.
The principal of the school was visiting the classrooms when my maths teacher proudly asked me to stand up and show, up to how many numbers I could count.

I remember counting to 63 before she stopped me, and asked the class to clap. I turned red, I did enjoy being praised but I was very uncomfortable with the attention. To my relief someone raised their hand & started speaking, just as I was sitting down, I realized I was the subject. “Ma’am can you please ask her to count backwards too?” said the guy (who would always secure 1st place in future). He knew I had trouble counting backwards and used to get really anxious, sometimes even stutter when i had to do that. My time to bask in glory was short lived but thankfully so was the time taken for the principal to realize the boy was right.

Later when I asked him why he did that, he said “because I can count better than you in both directions” “OK great, but why did you point i couldn’t? “so the principal knows who’s smarter & likes me better!” Well by the look on her face it didn’t look like she did but I appreciate the boy for his honesty. In the adult world the answer I would have gotten would have been “oh sorry I didn’t mean to” & I would have believed it.