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For a long time the neurodiverse community has suffered because of the lack of awareness in the medical and general community.The have been frequently misdiagnosed, mistreated, misunderstood and mismanaged not just because of the baffling overlap.

of the conditionsand the lack of scientific data , but also because of stereotyped views and ideas about the conditions which alienates them further.These ideas are prevalent globally but disturbingly popular in the developing world.

Unlike the popular belief, most neurodiverse individuals are capable of excelling in academic and professional lives .

With some adjustments (many of which may in reality be minimal and not costly) neurodiverse individuals can bring unique skills and talents to the table, making them a key member of the workforce. However Many constantly struggle despite attaining academic and professional success. The pressure of keeping a certain facade increases with career progression, and owing to the lack of awareness and understanding in the work places these individuals live in a constant fear of being “exposed”. The recent increase in the suicide rates of neurodiverse individuals, especially in the field of medicine is alarming. We must join hands to do anything in our capacity to help support these vulnerable individuals from getting lost, whilst the world looks towards the evolution in scientific literature to be its guide.