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Dr Tahleel Javed ( Chief Executive Officer)

Dr Javed is a passionate young doctor hailing from Pakistan and currently working in the UK. She is a published author in peer-reviewed journals and has garnered various accolades during the course of her academic and professional career both nationally and internationally. Dr Javed is also  a representative for the BMA WM region, a member of the Neurodiversity Steering group for NHS England,  and the Autism development group for the Royal College of Psychiatrists.  .

She has been previously featured on BBC , UK health radio,  and various podcasts / magazines , including the Royal College of Psychiatrists Insight magazine and blogs. 

Talking about her journey for that led up to the formation of STAND and started off with an Instagram page titled ” Insaan” ( Human)  Dr. Javed says “When I was very young the only disapproval directed at me was worded as “insaan bano” which implies “don’t be naughty” but in literal terms means “become a human” . The literal me used to get very confused and even offended, after all if I wasn’t a human then what was I?

As I grew up I realized the term probably refers to becoming a human worthy of a title , reserved for a supreme marvel of nature, that ought to be different from other creation because of the highly developed intellectual and emotional capabilities.

While I am still searching for the answers , I have started appreciating many qualities that a human should ideally embody. To truly and fearlessly love and be loved . To live and let live, To appreciate the good in others, To feel a sense of responsibility towards all living beings , to get rid of the ego that blinds us by approaching everything with relation to the “self” . To stop the vicious cycle of hatred by reciprocating it with kindness ,without an expectation for it to be returned. Whilst the list is still incomplete , I can’t help but think about a world full of such humans, which I believe lies hidden in every one of us waiting to be found.

So I named the page Insaan ( human) in the hope that I come across and get to know many , who make the world better every day.”

Dr. Khurram Sadiq (Director Operations)

I am Dr Khurram Sadiq , a consultant psychiatrist at Crisis Resolution Home treatment team Basingstoke. I am the Clinical Lead for Acute Psychiatric services in Mid-North Hampshire. I am a TEDx Speaker , a Public speaker, a blogger, Vlogger and a writer. I have an expertise in ASD and ADHD across all age groups, Crisis Resolution Home Treatment aspects of services, Social media, gaming and mental health and Compassionate Leadership models.

The Team

Dr Anna Kartezca

Senior Clinical Psychologist, Autism/ ADHD Specialist

Abdal Mufti

Illustrator and Story-teller, Education Development Consultant, Acumen Fellow

Prof. Dr Shahab Naqvi

Consultant Anaesthetist, philanthropist, Ex- Commandant Armed forces Institute of Cardiology, Chief Operating Officer Bahria International Hospitals

Shazia Rizwan

Educationalist, Academic Consultant, Teacher Trainer

Gregory Miller

ND enthusiast, Psychology Student, Communications Manager

Stephen Bradford

Director of Clinical Services, Specialist CAMHS Professional

Prof Dr. Sadia Ahsin

Head of Department/ Professor of Physiology, Academic Researcher

Sonayana Sayeed

Content and Communications Manager

Heidi Brotherton

ND Autism/ ADHD Researcher

Prof. Dr Nadia Azaad

Professor of Psychiatry, Academic Researcher

Khushbakht Amir

Physiotherapy Student, ND enthusiast, Dreamer

Anouk Vitte

Freelance Illustrator, Social Media Creator, Artist. : @autism_sketches

Anuradha Chawla

ND Mom, PhD Student

David Powell

Autism/ADHD expert

Dr. Yewande Odeyemi

Consultant Psychiatrist , Autism Researcher

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