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We are the first non-profit organization to campaign for neurodiversity awareness globally


Neurodiversity refers to variation in the human brain regarding sociability, learning, attention, mood and other mental functions in a non-pathological sense. It was coined in 1998 by an autistic Australian sociologist Judy Singer, who helped popularize the concept. She advocated that brain differences are normal, rather than deficits. And that Neurodiverse people experience, interact with, and interpret the world in unique ways.


The diversity or variation of cognitive functioning in humans.


Inclusion of a number of substantial cognitive functioning variations.


The presence, or grouping, of less-typical, cognitive variations.

Between 30% and 40% of the population are thought to be neurodiverse. The remaining majority are neuro-typical.

The Society for Tourette’s Autism and Neurodiversity strives to support, raise awareness and increase understanding of Neurodiverse conditions globally to allow neurodiverse individuals to lead productive and fulfilling lives fearlessly.

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